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What can we do when a bereaved family is having deep grief? Deep grief for their loved one who passed away out of home country….

We, Airhearse International, offer anywhere in the world repatriation of mortal remains services whose qualities are unparalleled. The qualities are possible because we are highly skilled professionals. As such professionals, we are committed to delivering the services of quality to have the deceased R.I.P and to care the grief of the bereaved family. That is what we can do.

Representative Director President, Rie KIMURA

About Us

Company Airhearse International Inc.
Incorporated In December, 2003
Representative Representative Director President, Rie KIMURA
Paid in Capital JPY3,000,000
Businesses Repatriation of mortal remains/cremated remains
Registrations and Licenses General Motor Truck Transportation Business (hearse only)



■ Japan Hearse Association


■ All Japan Funeral Directors Co-Operation


Business Address

305A-1, No.1 International Cargo Bldg., 2-6-3 Haneda-kuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041, JAPAN

TEL/03-6459-9509 FAX/03-6459-9510

※ For visitors, preliminary registration for gate security clearance is required.

How to enter TIACT (Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal)


2003 AMS Corporation (the predecessor) was incorporated
2004 Expanded operational sites domestically
2005 Increase the number of operational vehicles. Started to cooperate with Tokyo Metropolitan Police for their anti-crime activities.
2006 Joined FIAT-IFTA (an European network of funeral operatives) Participated in FIAT-IFITA conference in Britain
2007 Renamed as "Airhearse International Inc.". Joined NFDA (a network of North American funeral operatives)
2008 Exhibited at Asia Funeral Expo in Macao. Participated in FIAT-IFTA conference in Spain
2009 Started to create international operational networks
2010 Participated in FIAT-IFTA conference in China
2011 Added an emergency response vehicle. Headquartered at TIACT
2012 Participated in FIAT-IFTA in Ireland
2013 Increased exposures in media
2014 Participated in FIAT-IFTA conference in Germany
2015 Held discussions on infectious diseases with MoHLW as well as medial services providers.
2016 Participated in FIAT-IFTA conference in Canada. Accepted the office of board member of Japan Hearse Association.
2017 Registered as a franchisee of All Japan Funeral Directors Co-operation
2020 Promoted as an active member of FIAT-IFTA
2023 An Amazon Original Movie "Angel Flight" created under our support and supervision started to be on air

Presentations/Media Exposures

An Amazon Original Movie "Angel Flight" created under our support and supervision started to be on air
At Teishozan Hounji Temple, a presentation was made to Kawaigumi group members
At Yamagata Prefecture Funeral Association, a lecture titled as "Funerals for foreign workers/travelers in Japan" was given.


Appeared in an article titled as "What is Repatriation of Mortal Remains all about?" by Nippon Research Center
Special Edition "Angel Flight : Repatriation of Mortal Remains" in Grand Jump by Shueisha
Appeared in" Human Documents" in Women's Weekly issued by SHUFU-TO-SEIKATSUSHA

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