Basic Policies for Personal Information

Basic Policies for Personal Information Protection

We strictly manage and protect personal information and personal data in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, including guidelines concerning personal information and specific personal information.

・ We build up and run an organizational set-up to accomplish integrated management over personal information and personal data.
・ We enact “personal data management rules” to define specific actions that our executives and employees should take.
・ We conduct systematic educations and trainings for our executives and employees to ensure they understand the protection and proper management of personal information and personal data.
・ We periodically review and measure the compliance status of this basic policies, review and change them on necessity, and strive for proper management.
・ We strive to continually review and change the policies on necessity for further enhancement in their effectiveness.
・ Questions and complaints concerning measures to protect and properly manage personal information and personal data in our company can be addressed to us through procedures listed below.

We fully respect and value customers’ personal information acquired in the course of our service provisions. We comply with personal information protection related codes and take measures as follows for accomplishing the purposes:

1. We stipulate provisions concerning the handling of our customers’ personal information and strive to keep all personal information secured and to improve the organizational structure thereof.
2. When we obtain personal information from customers, we collect and record that information to the extent needed after notifying them of the purpose of collecting it.
3. We use customers’ personal information only for the purpose for which it is obtained, manage it appropriately and, except some specific conditions, do not disclose or provide it to any of third parties without the customer’s consent.
4. We take steps to keep customers’ personal information accurate and up to date to prevent any unauthorized access or the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of this personal information.
5. When we do entrust the processing of personal information to third parties, we require that third parties also prevent the leakage and redistribution of personal information and carry out appropriate management thereof.
6. Personal information shared with a consignment source is strictly managed and used within the scope of the contract.
7. If customers want to verify their personal information, they may contact our customer service desk, and we will respond as promptly as possible.
8. We will comply with laws and regulations enforced to personal information protection. We keep on working to make our protection of personal information further assured.

Our Website

Airhearse International website (hereinafter referred to as “our site”) is run as a part of services to our customers.
We may ask visitors to our site for personal information provision in some parts of the site or we may do so when calls are received from customers (for services used voluntarily and autonomously by customers, such as questionnaires and inquiries).
Primary information requested will be customer information needed for providing our services or for providing information on our services, such as customer’s personal or customer’s corporate information and information on the deceased person (hereinafter referred to as “customer information”).
In addition, we may ask for other information for the purpose of offering convenience to customers; however, with the exception of the minimum required information, the provision of this information is at the discretion of the customer.
We will not alter the information we ask you to provide without customer’s prior consent.
Please be kindly notified that the information you provide may be passed on to third parties depending on the service and the type of services required.
(For example, due to the nature of services we provide to customers, we may contact and make notifications to various government agencies and embassies as specified by law and provide a minimum amount of information to particular businesses if a customer desires to use their services.)
We will take necessary measures, to a reasonable extent, to protect the privacy of customers who visit our site and of customers who use us.
If we obtain confidential information from customers, we will make the best effort to protect the information.
Our company reserves the right to change policies aforementioned.
Should these policies be revised, you will be notified on our website.

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Airhearse International Inc. Customer Representative

If you have any comments or questions regarding our handling and disclosure of personal information, please contact us at the address below.

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