We at Airhearse International utilize our exceptional expertise to provide reliable daily services for the repatriation of mortal remains of Japanese people living and travelling abroad who have died, as well as the repatriation of foreign nationals who have died in Japan.
We established our international repatriation business with the aim of providing customers with global standard repatriation of mortal remains services, and after more than 25 years of experience, we have become a company that can provide customers with reliable, high-quality service through our partnerships with other companies in the same industry in various countries.
 With my belief in “dignity first,” which I have held since I was an employee at a funeral company, as well as my vision for making an “international contribution” as our unwavering guidelines, I hope that the staff in our group will serve our customers while sharing our high ideals and values.
As Airhearse Group, we are able to provide the best solution, even in the event of an unexpected situation anywhere in the world.

Rie Kimura, President

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Company Information

Tokyo International Airport, First International Cargo Building

Name Airhearse International Inc.
Address 305A-1, First International Cargo Bldg.,
2-6-3 Haneda-kuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041 Japan
Phone 03-6459-9509
FAX 03-6459-9510
Establish December 2003
President Rie Kimura
  • The international repatriation of mortal remains of Japanese nationals who have passed away overseas, as well as of people from abroad who have passed away in Japan
  • Cremation business related to the above
  • Document preparation, proxy and receipt of government agency applications, as well as proxy and receipt of various other documents
  • Handling of bodies, general motor truck transportation business (hearse), and consigned freight forwarding business
  • Sales of funerary equipment accompanying each of the aforementioned items and all operations
  • Consulting and various arrangements for each item mentioned above
  • ※Preregistration is necessary when visiting us. Entry procedures for Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal Ltd. are as per the external link.

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    A Japanese climber disappears on Mount McKinley in the United States. 1984 Business founder Masami Yamashina starts working for a Tokyo funeral company
    A Japanese high school student studying abroad is shot dead when they arrive at a mistaken address for a Halloween party in the United States. 1992 The founder engages in the international repatriation of mortal remains for Japanese people who have passed away overseas.
    Earthquake occurs in southwest Hokkaido 1993  
    An aircraft crashes at Nagoya Airport and catches fire. 1994 The founder engages in international repatriation of mortal remains for people from overseas who have passed away in Japan.
    The Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake occurs. 1995 The founder engages in international repatriation of mortal remains for people from overseas who have passed away in Japan.
    An aircraft fails to land correctly at Fukuoka Airport and catches fire. 1996  
    Massacre of foreign tourists in Luxor, Egypt 1997  
      1998 International repatriation of mortal remains for the burial of Japanese bodies abroad.
    Propeller plane crash in Fiji, rollover accident of station wagon in Thailand. 1999  
    Passenger car rollover accident in Spain, cable car fire in Austria. etc... 2000 Current president Rie Kimura studies under founder.
    Accidental collision between a Japanese training ship and a US nuclear submarine off the coast of Hawaii, USA, September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. etc... 2001  
    Vehicle fall accident in Pakistan, bus collision in China. etc... 2002  
    Japanese diplomats shot and killed in Tikrit, Iraq etc... 2003 Business made into a corporate body; establishment of AMS Corporation Ltd.
    Murder of a Japanese hostage by armed Islamic extremist organization, Sumatra Island Offshore earthquake. etc... 2004 Development of regional offices in Japan.
    Japanese faculty member murder in Afghanistan, major earthquake in Pakistan. etc... 2005 Number of business vehicles increased, commencement of cooperation with the National Police Agency and the Metropolitan Police Agency for Criminal Organization Countermeasures. etc...
    Bus accident in Turkey, robbery–murder case in the Philippines. etc... 2006 Organization becomes a corporation and a member of the European funeral association, FIAT-IFTA, attends UK convention. etc...
    Japanese journalist shot at Myanmar anti-government demonstration, assault–murder in Thailand. etc... 2007 Company name changed, becomes member of the US National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). etc...
    Fatal shooting in Mexico, vehicle fire in Bolivia, Abduction case in Afghanistan. etc... 2008 Participation in Asia Funeral Expo (Macau), FIAT-IFTA Spain Convention. etc...
    Fire in Thai nightclub, fire at South Korean shooting range. etc... 2009 Company begins to build a network for international repatriation overseas. etc...
    Bus rollover accident in the United States, van collision in UAE, fatal shooting in the Philippines. etc... 2010 FIAT-IFTA China Convention.
    Canterbury earthquake, Great East Japan Earthquake, large earthquake in Turkey. etc... 2011 Increased number of emergency vehicles. Change of headquarters to the Tokyo International Airport International Arrivals cargo handling area. etc...
    Robbery–murder case in Russia, murder in Romania, tour group accident in China. etc... 2012 FIAT-IFTA Ireland Convention, publication of “Angel Freight,” specialists in the International Repatriation of Mortal Remains”. etc...
    Incident involving Islamic armed forces in Algeria, murder case in Guam, United States. etc... 2013 Company presented by mass media such as television and magazines.
    Bali disaster, murder in India. etc... 2014 FIAT-IFTA Germany Convention. etc...
    Militant group the “Islamic State” detains and kills two Japanese journalists, shooting incident at a Tunisian museum, terrorist incidents in France. etc... 2015 Commencement of cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Airport Quarantine and medical institutions to implement training and countermeasures for infectious diseases.
    Twenty Japanese hostages killed in a terrorist attack at a restaurant in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. etc... 2016 FIAT-IFTA Canada Convention, Inaugurated as director of Tokyo Metropolitan Hearse Association. etc...
    A expatriate is killed by two person robbery in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2017 Our company was certified in a cooperating shop of All Japan Funeral Directors Co-Operation (ZENSOREN).
    Indiscriminate attack incident occurred in Ireland. 2018 We gave lectures and training at companies and groups.

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    Corporate policy

    Basic Policy for the Safe Management of Personal Data

      We strictly manage personal data in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, including guidelines concerning personal information and identification information.

      We have established a system for centralizing the safe management of personal data.
      We have enacted separate “personal data management regulations” as specific actions that our executives and employees are required to take.
      We conduct systematic education and training for our executives and employees to ensure they are thoroughly informed about the safe management of personal data.
      We periodically review and evaluate the compliance status of this basic policy, review our safety control measures as necessary, and strive for appropriate safety control.
      We strive to continually improve this basic policy as necessary.
      Questions and complaints concerning safety management measures at our company may be addressed to us through the methods listed below.

      We fully appreciate the importance of customers’ personal information as it relates to services for funerary and hearse transport; we observe the laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information; we pay close attention to the protection and handling thereof. Hence, we carry out the following measures:

      1. We have stipulated provisions concerning the handling of our customers’ personal information (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) and strive to keep all personal information secure and to improve the organizational structure thereof.
      2. When we obtain personal information from customers, we collect and record that information to the extent necessary after notifying them of the purpose for collecting it and of how they can contact our customer service office.
      3. We use customers’ personal information only for the purpose for which it has been obtained, manage it appropriately, and do not disclose or provide it to third parties without the customer’s consent with the exception of special circumstances.
      4. We take steps to keep customers’ personal information accurate and up to date to prevent any unauthorized access or the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of this personal information.
      5. When we do entrust the processing of personal information to third parties, we require that third parties also prevent the leakage and redistribution of personal information and carry out appropriate management thereof.
      6. Personal information shared with a consignment source is strictly managed and used within the scope of the contract.
      7. If customers wish to verify their personal information, they may contact our customer service desk, and we will respond as promptly as possible.
      8. We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by our company and work to maintain and improve our efforts to protect personal information as discussed in the above sections.

      Our Website and Contact Details

      The Airhearse International website (hereinafter referred to as “our site”) is provided as a service to our customers.
      We may ask customers for personal information in some parts of the site or when calls are received from customers (for services used voluntarily and autonomously by customers, such as questionnaires and inquiries).
      The main information that is required will be customer information necessary for providing our services or for providing information on our services, such as customer personal or company information and information on the deceased person (hereinafter referred to as “customer information”).
      In addition, we may ask for other information, including for the purpose of offering greater convenience to customers; however, with the exception of the minimum required information, the provision of this information is at the discretion of the customer.
      In addition, we will not alter the information we ask you to provide without first obtaining your consent.
      Please be forewarned that the information you provide may be passed on to third parties depending on the service and the type of services required.
      (For example, due to the nature of services we provide to customers, we may contact and make notifications to various government agencies and embassies as specified by law and provide a minimum amount of information to particular businesses if a customer desires to use their services.)
      We will take the necessary measures, to a reasonable extent, to protect the privacy of customers who visit our site and of customers who use contract with us.
      If we receive confidential information from customers, we will endeavour to protect this information, depending on our site and our services.
      Our company reserves the right to revise the above policies.
      Should these policies be revised, you will be notified on our website.

      About Cookies

       Cookies are used to allow customers to view this site more conveniently when visiting our website again in the future; they do not infringe upon the privacy of customers and will not adversely affect users’ computer.
      And this is not intended to have a bad influence to the customer’s computer.
      By using cookies we can collect information such as overall trends and patterns related to viewing behaviour on this site from its visitors.
      The information that is gathered will be used by our company (including companies that we entrust to conduct research and analysis work) to analyse access trends and to provide better customer service.
      Also, please be assured that information that is collected will be treated in the same confidential way as customer information.
      If you do not wish for information about yourself to be collected, you can refuse to accept cookies in the settings of your Internet browser software.
      However, it is necessary to configure your browser to accept cookies to use some functions.
      To fully utilize the functions of this site, we recommend adjusting your settings to accept cookies.
      Please contact your software manufacturer for the configuration method for each browser.

      Information on using free e-mail

       You can expect a reply within 24 hours, but due to common email filters, particularly those used by America Online and other service providers, our email response to you may be blocked.
      To prevent this, please provide an alternate email address and your phone number so that one of our dedicated service representatives can contact you.

      If you have not received a response after 24 hours of submitting your inquiry, please call Airhearse International's operation center.

      Warranty and Limitation of Liability

       The use of this site shall be the responsibility of the customer. We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused by the use of various types of information gathered through this site and of other websites with links on this site.

      Governing Laws

       This site is under our control.
      Although this site can be accessed by both customers and our group companies that access this site from other countries throughout the world, which have different laws, regardless of the differences in the laws thereof, we consent to be bound by Japanese federal law and the ordinances of Tokyo.
      In addition, we will not provide any description or display on our site regarding whether the content of this site is appropriate in for the customer’s computer settings.
      Access to this site is based on the free will of the customer, and the customer shall be responsible for the use of this site.

      Airhearse International Inc. Customer Representative
      TEL:+81(0)3-6459-9509(Office hours: Weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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    Legal Compliance

    Declaration of Legal Compliance

      The executives and employees of Airhearse International Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) recognize that fair and sincere actions in compliance with laws and regulations and with company regulations are the basis for the happiness and prosperity of all of our stakeholders.
      We hereby declare that the executives and employees of our company, who, through their work, contribute to society, fully recognize their social responsibility and public mission and will fully comply with the law.

      Transportation of Bodies

      We will transport deceased bodies based on our policy of observing freight transportation laws and other related laws and regulations.

      Processing of Bodies

      We will process deceased bodies in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other related laws and regulations.

      International Death-related Documents

      Through our policy of complying with international laws, we provide guidance and arrange mortality documents based on family registration law, laws concerning cemetery burial, and other related laws for domestic procedures applying to death and for international procedures applying to death, based on the documentation comply with domestic laws and regulations, as well as those designated by embassies and consulates in Japan.

      Repatriation of Bodies and Remains

      We will engage in the repatriation of bodies and remains based on policies that comply with customs laws, quarantine laws, airport laws, air laws, and other relevant laws and regulations.

      Intellectual Property

      Our company will conduct business based on policies complying with the Intellectual Property Basic Act and other relevant laws and regulations.
      In addition, if we determine that an act infringes our intellectual property rights without permission, we will report this to the relevant ministries and administrative agencies and carry out their corrective recommendations.

      Social order, Public order, and Morality

      Regarding social order, public order, and moral concerns, we will conduct fair and impartial business based on policies that comply with the relevant laws and regulations related to the nature of our business.
      In addition, if we discover a crime, violations, or suspicious circumstances, we will report this to the relevant ministries and administrative agencies.

      Policies Concerning Anti-social Forces (Organized Crime)

      Airhearse International Inc. declares the following basic policy to prevent damage by groups or individuals pursuing economic benefit through the use of violence, power, and fraudulent methods (so-called “anti-social forces”).

      1. We will block all relations with anti-social forces, and all our executives and employees will act in accordance with this stance.
      2. We will work in cooperation with external specialized agencies, such as police and attorneys, to respond systematically and appropriately to prevent any damage by anti-social forces.
      3. We will be resolute and firm in not responding to unreasonable demands by anti-social forces at all.
      4. We will not make any profit or behind-the-scenes transactions with anti-social forces.
      5. We will ensure the safety of our executives and employees in responding to unreasonable demands by anti-social forces.

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    Recruitment Information

      Airhearse International Inc. is seeking the following talent:

      Restoration staff

      Tasked with the treating, restoration, preservation, application of makeup to, and changing the clothing of bodies while paying close attention to matters of hygiene

      Hearse driver

      Tasked with being the driver of our company’s various vehicles and transporting bodies safely in compliance with laws and regulations

      Operator(Services Control)

      Tasked with carrying out service control not only domestically but also involving international repatriation of mortal remains to various countries, utilizing foreign language skills

      Sales Positions

      Tasked with operations concerning anything related to our company’s sales

      Clerical Positions

      Tasked with general office work or the professional affairs of our company

      Secretarial Positions

      Tasked with coordinating the work of our executives

      How to apply

      For more details on jobs and recruitment, please inquire at your nearest Hello Work.

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    Airhearse International Inc.
    305A-1, No.1 International cargo Bldg.,
    2-6-3 Haneda-kuko, Ota-ku,
    Tokyo 144-0041 Japan